Defining the line between browser and engine.

Why should I care?

I mean, for what it’s worth, I think it’s an interesting question. As of Nov 11, 2023, around 65.6% of the entire world has access to the internet, and by extension, in some capacity has used a web browser. Maybe they’re on google chrome, chilling on firefox, maybe they’ve gone a little deeper and are using something like Librewolf, Chromium or Vivaldi? and, maybe you dig even deeper than that and find that Librewolf/Firefox is based on this esoteric piece of code dubbed “Gecko”, and similarly, chrome, brave, opera, and a bilion other browsers are based on “chromium”, but chromium is it’s own browser?? and vivaldi is based on “blink” which is also what chromium and all chromium based browsers are then based on? Where are the lines? For being arguably the most used piece of software on the entire planet next to the operating system itself, most people know very little about how it’s all split up.

The most ubiquitous browser base, Chromium.

Chromium is an open source browser + engine project